Pump groups / Air generators and steam generators

Pump Groups

Pressure Washer IP‐C 38/150 

Flow rate: 38 liters / minute; pressure: 150 bar; temperature: max 85 ° C

Use: for tank washing, combined with a rotating head mod. V250 or for manual washes, with two lances in contemporary use

High pressure pump groups for pressures from 50 bar to 800 bar and water deliveries from 20 liters per minute to 380 liters per minute

Engines started through a frequency variator.

Control devices and safety devices according to all the European Regulations.

Placed in feeding of high pressure washing plants.

Also available with pumps to be fed with hot water.

Hot water generators for industrial use, equipped with gas oil burner

Version for 170 liters per minute at 110 bar – 50 Hp engine – with frequency variator.

Version for 90 liters per minute at 100 bar – with or without frequency variator.

Also available with pumps to be fed with hot water.

Dosing pump groups to inject detergents into circuits for high pressure, medium pressure and low pressure

Used in the washing plants, where detergents are needed.

Instantaneous steam generators

Up to 12 bar – Production : from 400 kilograms per hour up to 3000 kilograms per hour.

Equipped with gas burner or gas oil burner – Certified according to the PED Regulation Nr. 2014 / 68 / UE

Generators of filtered hot air for drying plants for tanks

Versions : self feeding or steam feeding – Equipped with gas burner or gas oil burnergas o gasolio