Plants for inside washing of tanks

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Plants for inside washing of tanks

Customer oriented plants, designed to meet – in the best possible way – all the different washing needs.

Such plants – both the most plain ones and the most complex ones – are all highly professional ( thanks to the considerable expertise developed by OMZ, which is engaged in this field for more than 35 years ) and so eligible to get the SQUAS Certificate and the EFTCO Certificate, which enable them to issue the Washing Certificate ECD.

The plants – in order to meet the needs of the different Customers – can be completed with:

  • More washing lines, which work simultaneously.
  • The hot water, obtained through heat exchangers steam / water or through instantaneous generators.
  • The feeding of the heat exchangers through high pressure pump groups.
  • The use of the steam, to help the tanks cleaning.
  • The addition of detergents, through high pressure dosing pumps arranged for more detergents.
  • Drying systems.
  • Systems for the tanks sterilization, which is carried out following the binding protocols of the food industry and according to EFTCO FOOD instructions.
  • Systems for operators safety ( antifalling lines ).
  • An automatic management, arranged for : the storage of an unlimited number of washing programs, the consumptions calculation, the tanks traceability, the teleassistance, the reminder to the periodic maintenance for every single component, the data store processing, the Washing Certificate printing.