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Hot water washing plants with manual lances

Among the collateral activities of the washing process of a tank, a leading role is played by the cleaning operations to be carried out through manual lances

The seats of the manholes, the external side of the covers of the manholes, the exhaust valves, the fittings, the possible pump and the hoses have to be manually washed, through lances or other manual devices.

As feeding of such plants – in order to avoid the common pressure washers, which are now scarcely reliable and bring pollution in a place, which needs to be clean – we provide a system composed of:

  1. Water / steam mixer, to produce hot water at the desired temperature, which will be stocked in an insulated tank made of stainless steel AISI 316.
  2. Pump groups for hot water up to the highest temperature of 85° C – water delivery : 38 liters per minute, pressure : 150 bar – equipped with an electric engine started through a frequency variator.
  3. Distributing line made of stainless steel.
  4. Hose reels made of stainless steel, complete with automatic lance and / or special nozzle for the hoses cleaning.

Manual washing lances with automatic stainless steel hose reel, inserted in the context of a tanker washing system Devices

for washing pipes supplied to tankers, complete with automatic stainless steel hose reels.

Short lance for the upper part of the tanker washing line, for cleaning the outside of the lids and pits.

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