Plants for Chassis washing

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Plants for Chassis washing

Plants designed for the automatic washing of the chassis, both for industrial vehicles and railway vehicles, without any manual operation.

Such plants can be arranged in two different ways:

  1. Stationary vehicle and sliding trolley, travelling along a pit.
  2. Stationary washing equipment and travelling vehicle.

Both versions can be fed both with cold water and hot water and completed with detergent distribution at the beginning of the washing and with sanitizer distribution at the end of it.

As feeding of such plants, we have built pump groups – fed both with cold water and hot water – working at high pressure, but paying attention not to go over 100 bar. Such pressure – in ratio with the water delivery of 90 liters per minute – carries out a strong cleaning action, without damaging the vehicle.
In the sliding trolley version, an expressly designed control panel enables the automated execution of all the operations and the arrangement of various washing programs; in the stationary washing equipment version, the plant is started through ultrasonic sensors.

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