Treatment plants


OMZ has always included in its production mobile plants for sanitizing vehicles used for the transport of goods and people, to be used, in case particular events may require a sanitizing action, to stop the spread of epidemics such as avian flu, foot and mouth disease and others that require special sanitizing care of vehicles

The system is contained inside a small container to be powered with single-phase current and water and is complete with an easily mountable spraying arch made of stainless steel.

The system, operating without the presence of an operator, is usually placed at the entrance to the depots, so that all the vehicles, forced to pass, put themselves in the condition, once inside, to be treated by the sanitizing solution.

The solution is based on Quaternary of Ammonium Salts, distributed in a nebulizing form, on the vehicle in transit, under the above arch.

The starting and stopping of the operation takes place thanks to ultrasonic sensors, fixed on one side of the container, the plant is also equipped with a call device in case of failure or minimum level of sanitizer.


Latex has always been one of the products, more difficult to wash and which often involves the need to enter the tank, to remove the hardened one, which with washing operations, it is not possible to remove, committing the operators to work in conditions extremely heavy, for a long time.

Today, the above is lacking, thanks to a specific machine developed by us, which with a CIP system (special liquid in recycling), treats a tank in a short time even with residues hardened by time.

The machine recycles, as mentioned a solution kept hot, from a heat exchanger and contained within a 2000 liter insulated tank.

The return to the above 2000 liter tank of the solution is guaranteed by a pneumatically operated pump, connected with a hose to the tank drain and sent first to a pair of filters in parallel and then to the tank.

The solution contained inside the tank can be used for washing about ten tanks

The solution is pumped to the washing heads, two or more, by a vertical centrifugal pump in stainless steel, with special mechanical seals.

The washing heads are our Series W in ATEX EX II 1GD c IIB T4 execution, operating only for the reaction of the liquid leaving their nozzles.

The machine is complete with an electrical control panel, complete with a Touch Screen panel and a device for direct remote assistance from the OMZ headquarters, equipped with everything necessary for its operation and with an indication of the product to be used, of little cost and easily. recoverable on the market.

Tank pickling system

The tanks and tanks subjected to the heating of the transported product, in the long run, have a completely amber stainless steel internal surface which, even if the tank is clean, gives a bad look to the inspectors, who must inspect the itself to give approval to the new load.

This drawback can now be overcome with the new equipment that we have put into production.

This is essentially a wheeled tank in stainless steel with a capacity of 250 liters, inside which a special pickling liquid will be placed, which is normally found on the market or which we can also supply on request.

The tank is equipped with a pneumatically operated diaphragm pump, specific for aggressive products and also, for other uses, flammable.

The pump, fed with compressed air at 6 bar, will feed a number of washing heads at the discretion of the user, also pneumatically operated (our Series EP) designed to melt the above mentioned product inside the tank.

The liquid sprayed inside the tank will be brought back to the wheeled tank and placed in a circle.

The operation will last about 6/8 hours and eventually the tank will have returned to its new splendor

After the treatment, a rinse with warm water and alkaline detergent is sufficient.


In many realities, even today, the pre-treatment operations with solvent of the tanks are carried out, before proceeding to the washing, in an empirical and often not safe way.

For the above, OMZ srl, always attentive to the problems of the sector, has created a complete and mobile equipment for the pretreatment of tanks with acetone or other solvents, responding to the needs of the sector, in total safety.

This is a trolley system, equipped with:

  • ATEX diaphragm pump, for zone 1
  • Earthing clamp with cable reel
  • Special 20 meter hose, for solvent and compressed air
  • Rotating spray head model P200, with rod of 1000, equipped with two nozzles. The head, thanks to its double rotation movement, distributes the acetone evenly over the entire surface of the tank. The washing head, entirely made of 316 stainless steel, is ATEX certified for zone 0 EX II 1GD c IIB T4
  • No electrical components installed
  • Solvent delivery at a maximum pressure of six bars, with flow rates from 2 to 4 liters per minute
  • For the treatment of a tank, no more than 5/7 liters of solvent