Today more than ever, the “service” offered to customers is a plus which all the best companies use to make them a first-rate aftermarket experience. The customer must be cultivated and accompanied, especially after the purchase, in order to create, with the same, an important partnership.

Common maintenance is an activity that must be planned and designed with the drafting of a preventive maintenance plan, with the aim of eliminating corrective (extraordinary) maintenance interventions, due to accidental and often unpredictable failures.

For this reason it is essential that the personnel in charge have the necessary skills and that they are trained constantly in order to carry out interventions aimed at restoring optimal conditions, guaranteeing production continuity and the highest levels of reliability.

Maintenance has the task of restoring and, if possible, improving the operating units according to the needs expressed by their users, resorting where necessary to their redesign or replacement, when the new systems become more economically advantageous.

Maintenance is important that covers the entire territory in which the company operates, both in Italy and abroad and the service, must be quick and efficient to guarantee total customer support, always and not only in times of need.

Extraordinary maintenance must always be available and made, compatibly with all the company’s commitments, in the shortest possible time with maximum effectiveness.


The Omz srl service guarantees all this. A team always prepared and ready is available for maintenance on all systems, prepared by the same in any part of the territory, nationally and internationally.

Qualified technicians are available to the customer to best restore every type of washing system. If necessary, the Omz srl service can also operate on systems that are not of its own construction, where there are problems of operation and poor maintenance by the manufacturer.

The preparation of our team is such as to be able to solve any type of problem, from mechanical to electrical or software.

Omz srl prepares a scheduled maintenance plan every year so that it can guarantee its customers always top efficiency. Our fleet of vehicles, consisting of vans and containers (strategically arranged in various points outside the national territory), allows for rapid intervention and top-level efficiency.

Every relationship that OMZ srl creates with its customers has an exclusive character. Nothing is left to chance. Where possible, Omz srl tries to anticipate the needs of its customers, to make the shopping experience more rewarding and lasting.