Plants for inside washing of railway tanks


Plants for inside washing of railway tanks

The railway tanks – both for chemicals and foodstuffs – need to be washed with special equipments, due to their dimensions and to the fact that they have – with an overwhelming majority – only one manhole.

According to the particular structure of the railway tanks, OMZ has designed a special device, which enables the inside washing in a short time and in a fully automatic way, so avoiding the operator entering into the in railway tank.

Such device – also available in ATEX version – consists in a structure arranged with two mechanical arms, which open inside the railway tank. On the end of every single arm is installed a rotating washing head – model V 250 – suitable to get a perfect cleaning of the whole tank.

This washing system is fed through a special pump group for high water delivery, which works at a pressure between 80 bar and 110 bar.

The washing water is heated through heat exchangers and mixed – when necessary – with detergents, through high pressure dosing pumps.