About Us

About Us

OMZ is a Company engaged – for decades – in the field of the industrial washing plants, producing a range of devices and plants suitable to meet the most demanding requests.

After having developed – the first one in Europe – a wide range of rotating washing devices, at the beginning of the eighties it specialized in the field of the design and of the building of high pressure washing plants, dedicated to the inside cleaning of tank trucks and railway tanks, as well as to the cleaning of the chassis of both industrial vehicles and railway vehicles.

Such washing plants rely on the proven rotating washing heads – produced since the seventies – and are fed through a range of pump groups – both for cold water and hot water – arranged with customized water delivery and pressure.

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Our Mission

The customer first of all. Since its inception, OMZ S.r.l. has always had in the care of the customer its source of energy and the purpose of its existence, through the simplification of processes and innovation, with a logic of continuous improvement.

Each aspect is deepened and developed by the expert members of our team with maximum professionalism, to respond to every need, from the simplest to the most complex.

Omz S.r.l. is 4.0

Thanks to teleservice, our company is always interconnected with the systems we make. In this way we guarantee continuous support to our after-sales customers; moreover, our customers buying our systems enjoy the super-amortization granted by the state

Having the aim of supplying complete washing plants, OMZ installs also steam generators, high pressure heat exchangers and dosing pumps made of stainless steel, designed to add detergents to the washing water.

The plants are nowadays managed through customized softwares, aimed to reduce running costs and to produce both internal reports ( showing all the details of the washing process ) and official Certificates ( proving the carried out washing ).

Once installed, the plants are certified according to the European Regulation Nr. 2014 / 68 / UE ( PED Regulation ) and assisted directly by us through teleassistance.

A technical staff of proven experience is at complete disposal of our Customers, to design and to build plants meeting all their actual needs.