Plants for tanks heating

Tank heating system

OMZ S.r.l., manufactures complete systems for heating tanks, in the traditional version and in the mobile version, with the use of 10 and 20 ‘containers, set up for the purpose.

The container, properly insulated, contains:

  • Water softener, with double column
  • Insulated stainless steel tank for condensate recovery and boiler feeding
  • Steam production boiler with gas or oil burner
  • Chimney in stainless steel

The system is managed by a PLC for data collection, such as: real time of opening of the steam solenoid valve, which coincides, with the total time of steam injection to the tank, creation of files, for a history of operations, possibility of remotely viewing the situation of the individual stations, in real time, device for activating the telephone call, in the event of a boiler block: moreover, with the aid of a Touch screen panel, it is possible: to set the temperature to be reached, for each individual output, display in which to see the product temperature in real time.

riscaldamento tanks

Among the collateral activities of a washing station, an interesting role is played by the heating of the tanks, in order to fluidify their content and to make them easily drainable.

The tanks heating is carried out through the steam, which can be produced or through a boiler purposely dedicated to this activity or through the already existing boiler in service of the plant.

The heating activity takes a long time, so the heating station has to be placed close the washing plant, but without hindering the traffic of the vehicles towards the washing area.

Such heating station consists in a set of steam using points, each one of them complete with :

  1. Valve – DN 25 PN 16 – suitable for steam.
  2. Solenoid valve – 1ˮ – suitable for steam, equipped with 24V DC coil.
  3. Pressure reducer, adjustable from 1 bar to 4 bar.
  4. Manometer, equipped with support and cock.
  5. Quick coupling, suitable for steam.
  6. Rubber pipe – suitable for steam – in the needed length, complete with stainless steel fittings and quick coupling.

Such plants are arranged with automatic devices – so that the assistance of an operator during the heating activity is not needed – that are also able to show the real time spent to heat the tank and suitable to set the temperature according to the product to be heated.

In order to meet special needs, we provide also plants arranged for the tanks heating through water at controlled temperature.