Drying plants

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Drying plants

The special loading protocols of some products include – at the end of the washing process – also the drying of the tanks or of the silos.

As it is carried out on an already washed and sanitized tank, the drying process must not contaminate it again.


In order to avoid the recontamination of the tank :

  1. The drying air has to be heated without coming in touch with polluting particles.
  2. The drying air has to pass through filters with a filtering rate from G5 to F7.
  3. The quantity of the drying air has to be high, in order to speed up the drying process.
  4. The drying air has to be injected into it at a pressure able to blow away the drops of water from its internal sides.

In order to meet such requirements, our washing plants are equipped with drying systems able to deliver 3500 cubic meters per hour of hot air at the temperature of 75° C, at the pressure of a water column of 350 millimeters and filtered according to the above stated filtering rate.

The drying air is delivered through conduits with a diameter of 350 millimeters and it is injected into the tanks through the manholes, thanks to drying cones made of stainless steel and equipped with flexibles pipes, shutters and mechanical balances, which make it easier to lower the drying cones into the tank and to take them out of it.