Industry 4.0: wellcome in the complete automation and total interconnection era

02 November 18
Industria 4.0

Lately, you do not hear about anything else. Industry 4.0 represents the fourth industrial generation, it was complete automation and total interconnection.

How does it develop?

New digital technologies will have a profound impact on data usage, computing power and connectivity. Once the data is collected, we need to derive its value. Today only 1% of the data collected is used by companies, which could instead obtain advantages from “machine learning”, ie from machines that improve their performance by “learning” from the data gradually collected and analyzed. Moreover, the interaction between man and machine, which involves the increasingly widespread “touch” interfaces, and augmented reality. Finally, there is the sector that deals with the transition from digital to “real” and that includes additive manufacturing, 3D printing, robotics, communications, machine-to-machine interactions and new technologies for storing and using energy in a targeted way.

The importance of the customer: an indispensable requirement

OMZ srl meets these requirements and its technology is characterized by maximum flexibility to guarantee the customer the perfect customization of our products. The 4.0 generation has started and OMZ srl wants to be absolutely protagonist. It is said that in the future robots will work in contact with humans and will learn naturally from humans. Here at OMZ srl we know how precision craftsmanship is important and it is our task and mission to develop more and more skills to guarantee our products and the next, the quality that has always distinguished them. The robots will learn from the best, that remain, for OMZ srl the men and women of his staff.

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