Washing systems for garbage truck

03 April 20

Present on the market for several decades, OMZ is a reference company at European level in the design and construction of industrial washing systems, offering innovative solutions designed to meet every need. Since the 1980s, the company has oriented its business towards the creation of high pressure washing systems intended specifically for cleaning tankers and heavy vehicles in general, offering innovative and effective technological solutions.

Designed and created entirely by OMZ technicians, the washing system dedicated to vehicles used for the collection and compaction of waste is aimed in particular at companies that deal with public garbage collection services within the Municipalities.

These washing systems have been designed to allow thorough and complete cleaning of both the external structure of the vehicle and the compartment intended for the collection / compaction of waste. To proceed to a thorough cleaning and sanitization of the compaction compartment, an articulated hydraulic arm is used, equipped at the end of a rotating cleaner entirely made of stainless steel with nozzles for the escape of the water jet which is activated and guided from the outside.



The technical characteristics of the washing system

The washing systems dedicated to compacting solid waste are composed of a pump unit that can reach a pressure of 90 bar by delivering a jet of water of 100 liters per minute. The group is powered by an electric motor with a power of 25 Hp and consists of a piston pump capable of delivering both hot and cold water, with a safety valve and pressure switch, complete with accessory to add a detergent product to the water, deodorant and sanitizer.

The pump unit is managed via a control panel with touch panel, to be used to set the ideal washing program and to define the time necessary to complete the operation.

Structures for external vehicle washing

To carry out the external cleaning of the waste collection means, OMZ proposes a system of the fixed structure type with vehicle in transit, under the effect of four stainless steel arches, designed for: distribution of alkaline detergent solution, distribution of detergent solution acid, pressure rinse (70/80 bar), with underlying chassis washing, last treatment with water and sanitizer and / or deodorant.

Like all systems built by OMZ srl, washing systems for garbage collection vehicles can still be designed, and subsequently implemented, based on specific needs.

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