The washing of the tankers

12 February 19
lavaggio ferrocisterne su rotaia

Today and more in the coming years, the railway system will be increasingly used to transport any type of product. For this purpose, for the transport of liquid goods, the tankers (railway wagons with cistern) are used, for the transport of both chemical and food products. Also this type of means of transport, requires the washing of the inside of the cistern, at each discharge, before the new load, which in most cases is not compatible with the previous one.

Why is the correct washing of the tankers important?

Because of their particular shape, the railroads have always represented a major problem for their internal cleaning, given for the most part, by the fact that they have only one upper access and considerable dimensions, much larger than the normal road tanks. To reach all the points inside these means of transport, OMZ has created a special equipment, capable, with its two rotating washing heads, to reach all the internal parts of the cistern, guaranteeing in a short time, the complete reclamation of the same. The system is equipped with safety and control systems that determine its use in total safety, also respecting the ATEX directives, for particular products to be treated

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