External washing

27 August 19

Our vehicles are increasingly part of our lives; whether they are cars, pick-ups or heavy vehicles, we all have a vehicle to take care of.

For each transporter, their vehicle is not only a means to work with, but for many, given the time they spend there, it is a real second home. And like your own home, you need all the care you need to restore to new, not just the inside but also the outside.

The external washing of vehicles is now a necessity, among the most important for the care and maintenance of your vehicle. It is important to remove pollutants and dust after intensive use of the vehicle in order to restore the situation and restore the vehicle to its optimal appearance. There are many stations where washing takes place using brushes and, subsequently, to reach the most difficult points, with manual lances. The difficulty is given by the irregularity of the surfaces to be treated and this often involves an important human intervention.

In order to best respond to customer needs, Omz srl has devised a completely automated system for washing trucks and vehicles with uneven surfaces. The high or medium pressure system is able to meet the most diverse needs of our customers.

It is supplied in a fixed location, with a vehicle in transit, driven by ultrasonic detectors, for automatic activation and deactivation.

The system can be supplied in different compositions such as:

  1. With only the washing arc, for interventions aimed at removing sedimentations such as earth and mud from construction or quarry vehicles and for operating machines in heavy sites
  2. With a double arc for detergent distribution, as well as of course the rinsing arc for vehicles for which a more accurate degree of cleaning is required, such as tank trucks, refuse collection vehicles and railway wagons.

The system is fed with our pump groups for high or medium pressure, while the detergent distribution arcs from our medium pressure metering pump groups.

The washing arc is fitted with seven of our TW 300.3 rotary washing equipment, operating solely for the reaction of the water, coming out of its nozzles.


Like all OMZ systems, this too is absolutely customizable, to meet the most diverse needs of our customers.

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