Because it is important to wash IBC and small containers

01 February 19

IBC recovery is a service that can turn out to be, instead of a cost, a real saving for many companies in the most varied sectors, from the chemical to the food industry. In fact, all these companies have to use both potentially contaminating substances and containers to transport them. Companies that do not use IBC recovery services must constantly tap into the new market, to contain and market the liquids they produce. When, on the other hand, with our technology, the recovery of IBC and its recycling becomes possible, once the washing process has been carried out, for several times, the company is undoubtedly affected positively, in terms of costs.

Environmental protection

Among the strong points of the IBC recovery there is certainly the safeguarding and respect for the environment. Without the regeneration phase, in fact, the cisternets used are nothing but waste, even once they have been properly disposed of the residues of the contents. When they are subjected to accurate washing the IBC and the cisternette, or re-enter the market, as recycled PVC, minimizing the environmental impact, or put in use for other transport and marketing of liquids.

How do we operate in this area?

In order to allow these containers to be washed, due to their small size, OMZ has created a series of small rotary rotary heads (our customers prefer them because they do not need any energy for their movement, if not that of the water leaving its nozzles). motorized in electrical low voltage (24V) and pneumatic form. The OMZ systems are complete with high pressure feed pumps, with cold or hot water, with the addition of detergents, and with the support structure of the rotating washing head. Clearly, like all our systems, even those related to the IBC and small containers are absolutely castomizzabili, based on the different needs of our customers.