The Latex

19 July 19

Latex is the raw material from which innumerable natural rubber products originate: it is a gluey resin with elastic properties obtained from the rubber tree, whose scientific name is “Hevea Brasiliensis”, a particular type of shrub that is found mostly in the Amazon rainforest. To be exploited in the commercial sphere, it is grown extensively in the warmer areas of Africa and Asia. The use of latex by the processing industry is constantly growing. In this case, the latex is used in combination with other materials and for the manufacture of a series of commonly used products, such as sanitary ware (condoms, sterilized gloves), mattresses, toys, coatings, upholstery, tires, gaskets, carpets , etc.

Today, therefore, like all products, it is transported to every part of the world, and like all products, transport needs to be carried out using clean and reclaimed containers (tanks or tanks).

OMZ srl has therefore taken up the challenge and has devised a new machine, entirely in stainless steel, suitable for washing tanks that carry latex. The machine, through the circulation of a specific product, heated by a heat exchanger and distributed in medium pressure inside the tanks by means of our patented rotating heads, is able to dissolve latex leathers detached from the walls during the process.

Also this machine, like all the others designed by OMZ srl, can be completely suitable to all the requests made by the customer. Call us or write us and we will be ready to provide you with all the information you need.

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