13 November 20

Customers are the assets for all companies and therefore every company must commit to offering    the best possible level of assistance so that they become loyal, return to purchase their products or services and, therefore, generate economic returns.


The Customer Service has no half measures: either it works or it doesn’t work and it is they, the customers, who prove it to us. Having satisfied customers means having the guarantee that they will continue to purchase our products or services, but above all they will promote the company through positive word of mouth. This is what is called advocasy in technical jargon, the customer becomes a supporter of the brand towards potential customers. In the current scenario, in fact, more than in the past, positive word of mouth plays a strategic role in the promotion of brands and products. On the contrary, a single negative experience is enough to lose the customer’s trust and compromise his future purchases.

If a company is working well, customers will be loyal and will probably spread the word so as to increase their number, but at that point will it also be able to increase the attention to be paid to their satisfaction?

Responding in an unexceptionable one-time to a report is not enough, the whole process must be organized and controlled, from receipt and taking charge, up to evasion, keeping this methodology constant over time.


Having an ecosystem of professionals, who can devote themselves entirely to managing customer requests, speeds up and improves the entire process. Most customers expect a response to an e-mail within hours of sending it.


If each operator is competent with respect to the specific type of reporting that has been entrusted to him (product returns, technical assistance, delivery problems, document requests, etc.) he will know exactly what he must do and what procedures to follow.


It is important not to wait for the customer to have a problem to communicate with him. When we think about Customer Service activities, we don’t have to limit them to solving problems only. It is necessary to develop communication and information activities to educate the customer to follow the after-sales organization to receive a better service and to provide him with additional information, which can improve his experience with our products or services. All this ensures that the customer has a positive experience and is always oriented to contact us in case of need.

For this purpose, at OMZ srl we have dedicated WhatsApp channels in which each customer can quickly request help and be guided, if possible, in the direct resolution of the problem or we will take care to organize a solution. Without forgetting the use of the mail channel, where an answer is suddenly given as clear and comprehensive as possible. OMZ srl cares about every customer and wants to establish a profitable and lasting collaboration with each of them, improving it over time.

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