25 May 20
Sanficazione 1

We are in full pandemic, the world is now under attack from the Corona virus (COVID-19). Today more than ever, at the media (and social) level, the concept of sanitization has become the subject of every debate and service in the various news programs. Sanitization is an essential weapon (together with social distancing and frequent washing of hands and face) to fight the virus and, consequently, slow down and prevent contagion.

If the sanitization of hospitals, emergency rooms, offices and other indoor workplaces is particularly important, the same is true of the means because often the virus depositing on the surfaces can be conveyed into the environment and create dangerous contagious situations. Sanitizing is the next step (second or third according to the definitions) after cleaning an environment, which through mechanical actions and cleaning products provides for the removal of visible and evident dirt. Following the rinsing after cleaning, the actual disinfection is carried out, based on the release of chemical products (but also boiling water, vapors, radiation, etc.) in order to reduce the presence of pathogens such as bacteria, fungal spores and viruses possibly present on surfaces. This is not a sterilization like that needed in certain environments, for example in a hospital operating room or in the food industry, since a certain viral / bacterial / fungal load will continue to persist on the surfaces. Sanitization is often considered synonymous with disinfection, but in some cases it is a subsequent step, in which further measures are taken in order to make an environment even safer for human presence, for example by intervening on ventilation levels, temperature, procedures to keep pests away and so on.

OMZ srl has always included ,in its production, mobile systems for the sanitization of vehicles used for the transport of goods and people, to be used, if particular events may require a sanitizing action, to stop the spread of epidemics such as avian flu , foot-and-mouth disease and others that require special sanitizing care of vehicles. The system is contained inside a small container and is complete with a spray arch, easily mountable, made of stainless steel. The system works without the presence of an operator. The starting and stopping of the operation takes place thanks to ultrasonic sensors, fixed on one side of the container, the system is also equipped with a call device in case of failure or minimum level of sanitizer.

Like all systems made by OMZ srl, this too can be absolutely customizable so that it can be as close as possible to customer needs.

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