How to improve energy efficiency thanks to inverters and economisers

19 November 18
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Lately, we do not hear about anything but the importance of energy efficiency, especially in terms of environmental protection. Compared to 40 years ago, world energy consumption has doubled and it is clear that, in the future, the problems related to the availability of energy resources will become increasingly important. If you have noticed, even our simple appliances are taking steps forward with regard to this topic.

How to improve your energy efficiency

Energy saving is essential to preserve more and more the environment in which we live and try to protect it for as long as possible. Is it also possible for large industries? By definition, industries, companies, technology sectors work thanks to electricity. This is essential to complete your work.

However, it is necessary to clarify this. Certain products must be studied and implemented according to some specific rules: we must ensure safety at work and a certain energy saving.

It is not just a question of money: of course, to save on the bill and on the total costs of an industry is interesting, but also to support, our world that should not be exploited to the bone, is just as important.

For this reason, we have set ourselves a table and have explored the topic of energy efficiency. For example, OMZ uses economizers for heat recovery from the flue gas from the boiler, which can use the degree of enthalpy (expresses the amount of internal energy that a thermodynamic system can exchange with the environment) still present in the exhaust gas of the boiler.

OMZ to make sure that everything is up to standard, has for years, sought the “perfect formula” for its economizers

The importance of energy efficiency: an indispensable requirement

Improving industrial energy efficiency is possible: today it is no longer just a dream to be achieved, but a concrete reality.

The costs of the year are really interesting: lower than other technologies.

Our systems comply with all current regulations: they are PED certified and moreover, when the systems will be installed in your company, we will send you one of our Notified Bodies to have you certified according to the European Directive 2014/68 / EU – PED.

In any case, we at OMZ will strive to keep in touch with you and you will be assisted by remote assistance for any doubt, problem or clarification. Our technical staff is always at your disposal. For us, the customer is and will always remain our point of reference.

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