Energy Saving

17 April 19

The expression “energy saving” refers to all activities, interventions and technologies aimed at reducing and optimizing energy consumption. This is essential to reduce the impact on the environment and climate. Savings can be obtained either by modifying energy processes so that there is less waste, or by transforming energy from one form to another more efficiently (energy efficiency).

OMZ, sensitive to issues related to energy saving, introduces into its systems a series of such devices, to make the most of the kilocalories produced by the generators, supplied to the same plants, such as:

exploitation of the heat of the emission fumes of the boilers, to preheat the water supplied to the boilers themselves.

This arrangement not only saves fuel, but also reduces the required ∆t, improves the quality of the emissions, bringing a benefit to the environment.

Another source to be exploited to recover energy is the waste water falling from the tank during the washing phases.

This is hot water, with average temperature, hardly below 50 ° C, so with still an interesting caloric value.

The waste water is taken and by pumps launched to a system for which, before being directed to the treatment plant, it goes to give up its caloric value, to the water supply to the plant.

With the two combined systems, in addition to the total recovery of the condensate, which has always been carried out, in systems that use heat exchangers, we can count on an annual fuel saving of 20/25%.

OMZ, with its own technical staff, is at the disposal of all those who wish to study the subject further, with a feasibility study.

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