What is EFTCO?

06 March 19

The organization called with the acronym EFTCO (European Federation of Tank Cleaning Organizations) is the European federation that groups the trade associations (internal washing of tankers), scattered in the various European countries.

EFTCO was founded in 1999 with the main objective of organizing tank washing safely and respecting the environment responsibly throughout Europe.

Today, EFTCO represents 20 national associations (ALCI in Italy) covering 24 European countries and able to control a network of 570 cleaning stations.

Because it is important?



EFTCO works together with stakeholders on issues related to safety, the environment and to provide a series of information aimed at improving washing operations, both from a formal and technical point of view.

Given that the cleaning of the tanks is a fundamental aspect in the chain that regulates the handling of liquids, EFTCO has created a document, which identifies compliance with the aforementioned rules, now required as a unique condition, in order to proceed with the loading, after ‘reclamation occurred (ECD)

The EFTCO membership path, passes through the acquisition of the SQAS system (Safety and Quality Assessment System) with the compilation of constantly updated questionnaires, which enter into the merits of the procedures, documentation and security systems to be adopted during the washing operations.

The SQAS system was founded in 1990 on the initiative of CEFIC – European Chemical Industry Council, within the Responsible Care program, with the aim of improving the level of safety during the transportation, storage and management of substances at particular risk, such as chemical products. This is a system for assessing the environmental, safety and quality performance of the logistics service providers to chemical companies. SQAS is not a certification, but a system for monitoring logistic service providers in an independent and harmonized way, so as to ensure uniformity of assessment at all levels: the verification is in fact always conducted by independent, recognized and qualified auditors.

Only the washing stations that use the SQUAS system and are EFTCO members can issue the ECD (European Cleaning Document). Each ECD is numbered so you can always be tracked. This allows each member of the supply chain to check each phase of their activity. The ECD can be issued for reclamation, ADR dangerous goods, waste and where, generally, the reclamation of the cistern is required.

A particular ECD, called Food, is issued for the reclamation of food tanks, which identifies, that the washing station adopts all the systems, hygienic, referable to the HACCP system.

On April 4, 2019 will be the 25th anniversary of EFTCO, for the same will organize an extraordinary event to be held in Brussels.

Omz will sponsor the event and will be present with a delegation to present its achievements, industry and innovations 2019 to the participants.

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