Pump groups: what they are and what they are for

27 November 19

Pump Groups have different uses and are used in specific sectors. For example, the high-pressure pump assembly is made for industrial or civil cleaning, depending on its size. They are products that have great versatility and can be used in different areas.


What are the Pump Groups on our site?

  • Pump groups for high pressure from 50 to 800 bar, with flow rates from 20 to 380 liters per minute: the motors are operated with frequency variators. For the realization of this product, we have followed the European directives in this regard: it is a device of high control and guarantees safety. It is usually used in feeding to high pressure washing systems. There is a version in which the pumps are also supplied with hot water;
  • Hot water pump groups for industrial use, complete with oil burner: different models are available in our catalog of this product. There is the 170 liter per minute version, at 110 bar, the engine is 50 Hp with frequency variator. The second version includes 90 liters per minute, 100 bar, with and without frequency variator. The last model, on the other hand, requires that the pumps can also be supplied with hot water;
  • Dosing pump groups for detergent injection in high, medium and low pressure circuits: these products are normally used in washing plants, where the chemical action of detergency is required. A product that we allow ourselves to recommend for thorough cleaning and completely


How we make our products: always at the service of customers

Today, modern technology allows us to follow the realization of a product right from the start. It is possible to include washing, filtration and cleaning systems that until recently were impossible to think of. All our technology is made in Italy.

Our Pump Groups are produced relying on European certifications, to offer customers only the best products.

Creating a washing system is a long job that requires some attention. Very often, our products are bought by large distributors, so we have to think of marketing models that can satisfy both small and large companies.

For any doubt, information or clarification, you can contact us at the e-mail address or call us at the reference number. We advise the customer in the best way and guide him in the purchase, following him step by step, by combining the products to fully satisfy his needs.

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