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Various kind of wash tanks plants to satisfy all the requirements of the sector, in the widest possible manner.
Such wash tanks systems, from the simplest to the most elaborated one, are performed with high professionalism, thanks to over 30 years of OMZ experience in this field.
In accordance with the customer requirements these wash systems can be equipped with:
·           Several washing lines at simultaneous working
·           Hot water produced by heat exchangers steam/water, or by instantaneous generators
·           Heat exchangers fed by our high pressure pump groups
·           Steam in helping at the cleaning operations
·           Chemical dosing pumps
·           Drying systems
·           Systems to sterilize tankers which required special washing processes dictated by the food producers.
·           Safe life devices for the operators against risks of fall
·           Automatic customized management software enables to: manage countless washing programs, issuing of washing certificate, view past washings, calculate real costs of every operation, schedule the maintenances.


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